DM Guidelines

DM Guidelines



For this campaign, the role of DM will rotate every few weeks. When planning your time as DM, you can either take the current adventurers with their storyline, or you can have new characters created to play a different storyline in a much different place and/or time. If you do decide to take the current characters, talk with the DM before you so they can plant some seeds and adventure hooks before they end to make the transition smoother. Aim for somewhere around 2-4 sessions when planning.


In order to keep things fair and balanced, we will use randomly generated loot. For each session you run, roll once on the appropriate Treasure Hoard table which can be found in the DMG. You don’t have to give out all of that treasure at once, for instance you can roll on the table and find that you’re supposed to give out 600G, a handful of gemstones, a sword, and a Scroll of Hold Person. You can spread that out among all of the enemies the players are going to face that session, as well as put some of it in the area they’re exploring (the witch they killed could have the scroll, but she keeps the gems as spellcasting components under her mattress for instance).


We will be using this system for inventory, which uses item slots instead of weight for encumbrance limits.


We will level once per DM rotation. This should normally be at the end of every rotation and before the next one, but in certain circumstances it might make more sense to level up in the middle of a rotation.

Upkeep and Rations

We will be using the PHB guidelines for upkeep.

Magic Items

We will be using the PHB for rules on buying and selling magic items. It’s difficult to do unless you’re in a large city since there won’t be buyers of rare artifacts hanging out in Nowhere, Aleran.


DM Guidelines

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