World History

World History



A large meteor strikes the planet, creating a lake on a devoid sandy beach filled with precious minerals.


Orcs first arise in the southwestern forest of Razorfen. Humans first arise on the eastern shore.


The Red Raiders form and start raiding in the southeastern islands of The Free Isles.


The orcish War Priestess appears in Razorfen.


Elves first arise in the northern pine forest. Gnomes first appear in the large cave system in the central island. The gnomish city of Gnomergan is founded. The gnomish city of Fizzlunk is founded. The human avatar Pelor first appears on the eastern coast. Dwarves first arise in The Scar.


The elven avatar of Wisdom appears in the northern pine forest. High Elves first arise in the southwest. Dark Gnomes first arise in the southeastern swamps. The city of Alera Imperia is founded. The dwarvish avatar Thorin Stronghammer appears in The Scar. The human avatar Kennit appears in The Free Isles.


Sand Dwarves first arise in the southwestern desert. The human avatar Timothy first appears in Alera Imperia. The human avatar Timothy perishes. The Timothians form and start worshipping Timothy. The dwarvish city of Stronghammer is founded.


The human city of Placida is founded. The human city of Kelthan is founded. Murlocs first arise in the southeastern swamps. The Exiled Orcs form and start corrupting the northeastern side of the continent.


The Nilfgaardians first arise in the east. The human avatar Emhyr appears in the east. The mysterious city of Cleos is founded. The orcish city of Stonefisk is founded.


Pelor commands his followers to convert to Timothians. The human city of Ameria is founded. The murloc avatar The Oracle appears in Cleos. The White Prophets are formed and begin searching for their leader. The murloc avatar Murky appears in the southeastern swamps.


The human city of Centrano is founded. The human city Regillium is founded. The dwarven city of East Dun is founded. The murloc city of Murg’hul is founded. The human city of Timmecca is founded. The orcish avatar Gul’Dan appears in Stonefisk. The Order of the Dark Light is founded.


The human city of Bellhaven is founded. The Order of Earth, Order of Air, Order of Fire, and Order of Water are formed in Alera Imperia. The elvish city of Ellesmera is founded. The White Prophets kidnap a Timothians priest. Regillium is sacked by Kennit and the Red Raiders. The dwarvish city of West Dun is founded. The murloc city of Murg’urgulla is founded.


The human city of Architain is founded. The elvish city Teld is founded. The elves and dwarves make war over Teld, which the dwarves sack but are then repelled from. The dwarven city of Qart’Dun is founded. The Timothians forge an alliance with the murlocs. The orcish city of Mak’lahai is founded.


The human city of Velen is founded. The Alerans and the Nilfgaardians go to war. The human city of Centris is founded. The dwarves begin their descent into The Scar. The dwarves connect Stronghammer to Gnomergan via underground tunnel. The murloc avatar Cookie appears in Murg’ula. The murloc city of TBD is founded. The orcish city of Necralos is founded.


World History

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