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An empire ruled by the First Lord, along with Lords ruling various cities. The people of Alera have the capability to control the elements. In it’s history it has beaten and destroyed numerous enemies, including, but not limted to; the Children of the Sun, the Malorandim, the Avar, the Yrani and the Dekh(according to Princeps’ Fury).

The nation is divided into state-like territories named for the prominent cities, each ruled by a High Lord. Inside these territories exist various towns and steadholts where the majority of the free, non-citizen populace live. Each city fields the Legions that make up the military of Alera. The cities are as follows:

  • Alera Imperia, ruled by the First Lord Gaius Sextus and First Lady Gaius Caria
  • Antillus, ruled by High Lord Antillus Raucus and High Lady Antillus Dorotea
  • Ceres, ruled by High Lord Cereus
  • Placida, ruled by High Lord Placidus Sandos and High Lady Placidus Aria
  • Rhodes, ruled by High Lord Rhodes



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